Environmental protection

By definition, our operations demand respect for nature and its laws over which we have but a limited influence. That is why we put occupational health and safety and environmental protection in first place at all our workplaces.

We are very diligent when it comes to planning the lifetimes of our individual quarries, including subsequent reclamations. All our operations are conducted in strict compliance with stringent regulations governing the impacts of natural resources extraction on the environment. Our continuous investment in modern technologies enables us to extract stone of the highest quality and satisfy the most demanding customers. We have implemented a thorough system of quality checks and we cooperate with a number of accredited laboratories across Slovakia, which enables us to minimise delays between sample collection and analysis results.

Occupational safety and health

It is our mission to ensure that our working environment is conducive to the elimination of accidents and injuries involving anyone present at our sites. Safe working conditions of a high standard are a matter of course as we strive to protect our company’s greatest asset: our people.

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company. We care about others and strive to help those in need. Our Group operates its own charitable foundation and supports many worthwhile causes.

Many of our employees volunteer to the benefit of the Nadace VINCI foundation and its projects. The foundation focuses primarily on supporting people at risk of social exclusion. We also support many other worthwhile projects that provide help where help is needed.